Participation in the process of Auroville

Our Gratitude

This is a space to honor all those who have participated in the building of Auroville. This is about recognizing and holding our past. Presented here are information, photos and small stories about all the people who have participated in the building of Auroville.

The idea is to cover all we can find from the beginnings of Auroville, the people who have worked for and in Auroville including  the ones who have passed away, the ones who are here and the ones who are somewhere else in the world now. Honouring Participation is a celebration of all the participation which is part of our Foundation and our Being.

Scroll of Honour


In the first part of her life, Seyril had been a playwright of considerable reputation, a college teacher, and an advisor to the International Yoga College. Her life changed when she saw a picture of Sri Aurobindo.

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Saravanan N

Saravanan, who originally came from Pondicherry, was one of the staunch Matrimandir workers even before joining Auroville in 1999. He also worked for the Golden Tiles unit. He met with an accident while….

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Hailing from Spain, Sharanam  came for the first time to Auroville in the early eighties and joined Auroville in 1992. Her general health condition being rather weak, she lived a quiet, unobtrusive life in Dana….

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