Our Inspiration

The Inspiration to create the Honoring Participation project came from the planting a tree for  Stevens at Sacred Groves in Auroville. Steven had lived in Auroville as a boy and a young man, and after so many years, to stand together with his friends in Auroville and share memories full of love, it simply felt so good and right to have his spirit, his connection and belonging to Auroville confirmed and acknowledged.

Core values like Harmony, Care, Love, Gratitude, Unity and Equality are at the very foundation of this project. It also wants to show just how much so many have contributed, how many have been inspired and how Auroville is part of the life not only of the people who live here, but all over the world.

There is a kind of curiosity…just how many will be included in this project…? Well, we are starting and will see where it takes us. We invite you to contribute! We are looking for photo’s, small bio data and most of all the stories which make people come alive, letting us sense what brings people to Auroville and the Light inspiring and shining through them.

Meet the Team

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Unity Pavilion

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 Unity Pavilion