Yolande Lemoine

Yolande came to Pondicherry in 1969. She became a close friend and precious aide of Satprem et Sujata, and liaised the important contact between JRD Tata, Satprem and Auroville.

It was thanks to the effort of JRD Tata and Yolande that Satprem’s manuscripts and audio cassettes made it to France to be published there.

Here is a letter written by Satprem to Yolande:


Here is a postscript to my latest letter. Perhaps you don’t know the present situation in India — turn on any radio set, listen to the loudspeakers screaming at every street corner and emitting a mixture of European jazz intermingled with sitar and Hawaiian mewings, look at the cinema posters which bring to every Indian village the wrigglings of the Moulin Rouge via Konarak. We are faced with a general degradation of consciousnesses, an organized, mind-destroying action, an exploitation of the lowest — but how lucrative — instincts. I have been following this degradation step by step for almost twenty years in India and have found it all the way up to the villages of the Himalayas.

There would truly be a memorable and salutary work to do there for a whole people.

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