Anie Nunally

Anne Nunnally (Anie) passed away at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Nursing home at 11:30 pm of yesterday, Wednesday April 26th at the age of 80.

She came to Pondicherry with Narad and had Mother’s Darshan and led a life of service to the Ashram and Auroville. She even received Mother’s intervention for her recovery after a car accident in the U.S.

She and Narad had one of the first health food stores in New York. Both were professional singers. She had numerous good friends in show business including the Smothers Brothers. Richard Rogers called her the Fiat (sports car) with the Big Horn, because even with her diminutive size, she could project her strong soprano voice. She was an understudy and nun in the first Broadway production of the ‘Sound of Music’ and was also in the national touring company.

Anie was close to Jyotipriya (Dr. Judith Tyberg) as well as Sam Spanier and Eric Hughes, who founded Matagiri. She helped at the Sri Aurobindo International Center in Manhattan and lived with Scott (Lalit) Fullman in the apartment across the hall. Anie also served as the first Board Member of the Foundation for World Education after the passing of founder Eleanor Montgomery.

She taught music in New York, Woodstock and Los Angeles, where she became the director of the Sri Aurobindo Center of Los Angeles. She became close to Michael Spector, whose healing work was helpful to her in her later years and in February last year they moved to Pondicherry, living on Candapa Muldiar Street.

She had published a collection of interviews with Ashramites called “The Golden Path” (please read Mangesh Nadkarni’s review online) and was working on a follow-up volume when her kidney failure produced a series of strokes. She recovered from the first two and visited Auroville in mid-February for Gordon Korstange’s flute and poetry recital at Savitri Bhavan.
A few days later she had a more severe stroke limiting her speech and movement on her left side. She still rallied enough to speak with visitors. Vikas Bamba, from the Sri Aurobindo Center of Los Angeles, found her whole demeanor inspiring and felt a profound Grace was protecting her from what should have been a very painful process. Friends from the US and France contributed to a fund for her hospital stay and dialysis supplies and sent supporting messages faithfully conveyed by Michael. Dr. Dutta kindly brought her into the Ashram Nursing Home for her final weeks.