Paulien joined Auroville in 1998. In her first years, she was involved in forming a kind of job-service for the then Entry group and also in an ecological project.  It was around 2005 that she found her true element and joy in working with kids through the ‘sand box’ medium,  which practice she refined throughout the years. Having worked for several years in Nandanam, she then moved to Transition, where she lately specifically worked on a one-to-one basis with children that need special attention, using the sand box as one of her tools. Paulien was one of the founding members of The Learning Community (TLC) and participated in the TLC Pitchandikulam team, facilitating afternoons of forest exploration with the younger children of the learning community.

Not making life easy at times, for herself and others, through her critical mind and readiness to stand up for things she truly believed in, she did however endear herself to all by her wry and often self-deprecating humour, basic good-heartedness, dedication in work, and an ever willingness to help out when needed.

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