Christian Fuillette

I am Christian Feuillette, chairman of AVI Canada since 2004 and vice-chairman of the AVI Board since 2006. I have lived since 1969 in Montreal, where I came as a French teacher in a cooperation program between France and the province of Quebec. As I was already interested in Yoga books and practice, I contacted very soon the Sri Aurobindo Center in Montreal, founded sometime in 1965. I discovered Auroville in 1970 while i was visiting the Pondicherry Ashram.

During this first trip to India i had an unforgettable meeting with the Mother. Somebody close to mother told me to look only at her eyes. The day before the meeting i had sent her a short message asking her to look at me and recognize me as one of there children. So she intensely plunged her gaze into my eyes and I could feel her action everywhere inside me, while I was completely filled with an ineffable joy. Since then i feel myself only as her child and try to act accordingly. I can feel also the continuous action of the seed she had then deposited in myself.
I became therefore involved with the center in Montreal as their vice- president, and for 23 years participated actively in its development. in 1987 I went to the Ashram and auroville for a longer stay, and received Sri aurobindo’s relics from Champaklal to bring them back to the Montreal Center. I was also the first treasurer of the Auroville Association, one of the oldest created in Montreal in 1971, which later became AVI Canada. In January 2005 I visited Auroville with my wife Andree and our son Maxence, then eleven years old and was a participant in the AVI meeting. i became a member of the AVI board at that time.
In Montreal I now run a French publishing house, which published in November 2005 a translation of Savitri made by the French-Canadian poet Guy Lafond, a long time devotee of Sri Aurobindo. i work actively in AVI Canada, which counts about 30 members, with a board of six members in our Montreal headquarters, and two antennas in Canada, one in Toronto and the other one in British Columbia. on February 28th 2009 I came to Auroville for the inauguration of the Canadian Inuksuk in the International Zone.
The AVI Canada members gather together at least three times a month, on the 15th of the month for a collective reading on Synthesis of Yoga and The yoga of works; on the 21st for a collective meal; and on each first Sunday of the month for an activity, cultural or recreational.

Courtesy: Auroville International, the worldwide network of Auroville Friends.

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