Francoise Muller

I heard about Auroville for the first time in the middle of the 1980’s thanks to a beautiful personal encounter. 
The years went by, my interest stayed strong and finally I was able to make the trip to uroville with my family in 2000 and agin in 2002. Since then, my regular stays in Auroville are a fact of my life. I feel that here in Auroville, something immeasurable happens, outside of any schema and preconceived idea, beyond all rationality. This incredible force and energy that circulates, opening up unexplored fields of action and being the source of all possibilities, emanates from the reconciliation of action and spirituality.
Another beautiful meeting sparked a growth in consciousness and got me involved in a project. Back in France, this involvement in Auroville International France gives me the chance to share, strengthen my link with Auroville, and strive to live Auroville where ever I am.

Courtesy: Auroville International, the worldwide network of Auroville Friends.

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