Isa Wagner

It was early in 1994, while living in Moscow with my two children and working for the German Embassy, when one day I felt it was time for my daughter( just 12 year old ) to read some spiritual books. Delving among the books in my bookshelf for suitable reading matter, my hand reached out for a book that was previously unknown to me: Sri Aurobindo – or the Adventure of Consciousness, by Satprem. I opened it somewhere in the middle and what I read moved me profoundly: I felt this was the absolute Truth. I had never heard of Sri Aurobindo before, but in the bottom of my heart I felt deeply connected as if I had known him since ancient times.

From my earliest childhood I had been searching for the meaning of life, making inquires and studies, diving into all the “isms”, always in quest of the Truth and aspiring for a solution for the suffering world. But only when I found Sri Aurobindo I knew that he had given to mankind the key to a new life on earth. Through an intense study of his works I found The Mother, and by reading the Agenda I learned about Auroville. Deeply touched by this high ideal of human unity I tried to find out if such a place still existed, and where it was. At that time we lived in Luxembourg, where I had been posted after our stay in Moscow. Via friends in the Netherlands I came in touch with members of AVI NL who had offered an open day in Utrecht and there I learned about AVI Germany. I immediately became a member, as I wanted to know more about the development of the city of the future.
Although I had chosen to work for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs I did not feel happy being German and had disregarded my German roots. I felt myself to be much more a cosmopolitan, and was more at ease living aboard(in England, France, Portugal, Russia, Luxembourg). But always I had to confront the German past and my German nationality and in a long and deep painful inner process I worked through the feelings of sorrow and pain, guilt and atonement, victim and perpetrator. It was only after moving back to Germany, to Berlin, in the year 2000 that I finally became German. Someone had given me a book to read – The Light That Shone into the Dark Abyss by Maggi Lidchi-Grassi and it at last revealed the background on an occult level that had led to this inconceivable tragedy.
Perceiving the International Zone of Auroville as most significant for the improvement of the world and for a true human unity, i became a member of the German Pavilion Group shortly after moving to Berlin. the group was grappling with Germany’s most recent history and there was a deep longing for healing old wounds and finding our own rue German identity. During our annual AVI Germany meeting in May 2001, Dr. Ananda Reddy, Director of SACAR in Pondicherry, gave a talk on the nation-soul and encouraged us to open a Sri Aurobindo Centre in Berlin which would be a foothold for the Mother to help break existing resistances and conquer the adverse forces still perceptible in Germany. He also urges us to start building the German Pavilion in Auroville.
Auroville is the spiritual womb of a new humanity, so everything that is physically connected with Auroville, bears in itself a new significance and a new potential. On June 1st 2001, the Sri Aurobindo Center Berlin was founded and on August 15th the consecration ceremony in the International Zone took place, during which earth from different parts of Germany was put into the ground of Auroville. Through this act a living an vibrating connection with Germany was built, starting to purify the dark clouds of guilt and bring atonement.
Gradually I began to see Auroville not only from high ideals the Mother had envisaged but through a deep connection to the Aurovilians themselves, to these pioneers who have chosen to work for the realisation of these ideals 0 each one in his or her own way to the extent of what is possible. Since 2006 I have been a Board member of AVI Germany and since 20007 of AVI. Apart from wanting to support Auroville in whatever way I can, another of my objectives is to help a wider public become aware of Auroville and its ideals, and to create a network that links people together and motivates them to help and support each other in the realisation of this great endeavour.