Jean M Ahy

In conversation with Satprem, Mother mentions about the ‘Persian’ “Have you met the Persian? He wants to “help” in the creation of Auroville. He already has a society, “Auroville International,” and he is going to start his action – he’s travelling here and there. He’s a man who knows four or five languages, and he has the mind of an inventor.. He likes to organise, but he is as I said, he loves adventure, it’s in his temperament(after all, invenions are adventures and that’s how he is). So he’s already founded a society called ” Auroville International” with members in Europe and its head office in the United States… the whole outfit. As for me, I watch and have great fun! In appearance he’s very surrendered and devoted, but.. or the moment, I don’t have proof it’s anything other than a “necessary appearance”. But he’s nice and a man of real goodwill…”

The Persian Mother was talking about was Jean M. Ahy. His idea to start an international organization called Auroville International with its head office in new York had been well received by Mother. She had approved of Auroville International’s status, objectives and working methods “for a realisation of unity and harmony”, and had also blessed Ahy’s intricate organisational chart of Auroville International consisting of 15 departments and an even larger number of sub-departments.