Nadia Loury

I found out about the Auroville project at the end of the Sixties through my father who was a friend of Roger Anger. i was on a quest for meaning and had done a lot of reading. Then when I read Satprem’s Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness I felt an inner “click” of resonance and knew that “my path” was through this experience: the expansion and reversal of consciousness. In my eyes, it was the only path that could make humanity evolve and transform itself, and I wanted to be part of this movement. At the same time, I was seeking a way to find concrete and collective solutions for all of us to learn to live together in a state of mind overpassing our individual interests. I held a degree in ecology and was an ecologist, and saw that the planet’s ecological problems were a reflection of our limited consciousness and its inability to go beyond our prehistoric humanity and our predatory way of living. I had read Meadows report, Limits to Growth and when I looked at political movements, none of them in my eyes asked the true questions. That’s how I became touched by he ideal of Auroville and the Charter of Auroville – so beautiful, so ambitious! and then there was the touching call of The Mother, that woman who was more than ninety yeas old and who told us i invite you to the great adventure and my heart began beating very fast!

Aurovilians are very human above all, with the limitations that we as Homo Sapiens all share. But they do know that work on consciousness is the key to inner change. This is a great strength Today, the conditions of life are much easier and more pleasant in Auroville. Nevertheless it takes courage to leave your habits and commit to this.
My wish is to bring a positive contribution, though from afar, to encourage the renewing of Auroville’s organization in order to avoid ” the fossilization syndrome”, that Auroville, in fact, could fall into. I like Satprem’s words spoken when he was leaving the forests of Guyana that he loved so much. he said that an adventurer who got too settled into the adventure risked becoming a “civil servant of the virgin forest”. he was an adventurer of consciousness. I feel it’s important for Aurovilians to be together in this adventure of consciousness and not become ” civil servants of Auroville”. Let all the young people come with their enthusiasm and today’s ideas and be accepted. many things have changed in other parts of the planet. Auroville is one very particular experience among others. It is good to link this experience with others, and to encourage Aurovilians to go around and see what exists and what is happening elsewhere.

Courtesy: Auroville International, the worldwide network of Auroville Friends.

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