Thomas Dreyer

Autumn/winter 1967 and spring 1968 – i turned sixteen then – were times when miracle and the expectation of marvel seemed to become the norm of my life, astonishingy, in spite of the rather grey tone of my everyday existence: it was as if a wave was going through our lives – my classmates and more so , the students of the higher grammar school levels waking up from a seemingly indifferent if not dumb state of mind to one where the light seemed to be suddenly switched on, always willing to challenge the status quo of almost everything.

it was the time when I participated in a demonstration for the first time ever, when the Czechoslovakian ” spring” developed and when in May revolution seemed to start in Paris. I also learned about quantum mechanics then, indicating that not everything was predestined – so there was hope for freedom! We were living close to the Max Planck Institute for Behavioural Physiology and prior to this its neurological experiments with cats and cocks had persuaded me to believe that there was no room for freedom and self- determination.
It was also the time when I came across a book entitled you will be like the Gods, telling the story of evolution having reached a critical junction where, from now on, it could consciously determine its further direction. And, finally, it was the time when I came across a science fiction story speaking about children and youth developing rather extraordinary gifts, close and intimate communication, and a kind of unity. But, alas, these possibilities were accessible only before you had reached adolescence. I still remember my high pulse and my intense will that it should not be too late for me.

This experience came back to me, in a different form, about twelve years later: in a dream experience I was standing on a light forest and the children of tomorrow” were approaching me at a comfortable pace, some of them knew me, saying “hi Thomas”, coming close to me and passing me, slowly but without stopping. And I stood there, observing how they slowly disappeared, then, suddenly I awoke, saying firmly “this must not be!”

Many years before I had come across the booklet Der Integrale Yoga with selected texts of Sri Aurobindo. then I discovered Satprem’s The adventure of Consciousness, and from its index some of the major works of Sri Aurobindo including Savitri, and finally, the Centenary Edition – this time in English – I was ready at last to read Him in English.

Around 1980 a second phase of wonder and miracle started . It was in 1981 – I lived and worked then in Pondy – when invited by Christel and Joss I made the first physical contact with auroville: a rather barren, reddish landscape with some palm trees, some kind of forest around Pitchandikulam, the concreted structure of the Matrimandir, and the tree house of Christel and Joss. It was a very beautiful day and back in Pondy I spoke about a place of adventure and of the future, without knowing what I was talking about. From 1983 onwards, whenever I stayed in Pondy, I regularly visited the Matrimandir. It wasn’t until 1996 that Birgit and myself started to spend our holidays in Auroville, though Birgit had lived there for a half-year volunteer’s stay. Around that time we also came into contact with AVI, thanks to Birgit who had made contact with Martin. We visited the next AVI meeting, and from there we made contact with AVI Germany, which we joined only a bit later. Since 2006 I have been part of the AVI Germany Board, and since 2007 my main function has been to look after the state-funded “welt-warts” program sending young volunteers for one year to Auroville projects with some developmental impact.

It is my impression- maybe stimulated by the completion of the Matrimandir – that we are right now entering a new phase of wonder and miracle, or at least we are preparing for it. In the eighties I came to know about a number of sadhaks in the Ashram who had worked together for a long time in the subtle physical and then started to recognize each other on the physical level, too. I very much hope that now is the time when we will have the chance to meet and recognize the “children of Tomorrow” in the physical. We may know each other well on another plane – what a joy if we would recognize each other in the physical world, too!

Re, occum quo blant qui tet ab iusdam laccae sitatis nisit moult et quiaect isquias sum ea is di simincid magnatempos et ut autem.

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