Alfonso Galiana

I still keep with me the article in the Spanish magazine Gaceta Ilustrada where Auroville was presented in February 1973(I was close to 18 years old). Last School, the Galaxy, children and young adults and a photo of the young Sri Aurobindo watching me…

Later on, inside me, things were arranged for progress and a break, and after a short trip to Rishikesh and Varanasi I arrived in Pondicherry and Auroville.

On 19th January 1982 I moved from the Center Guest House to Horizon and later to Revelation, Sincerity and Utility. I was working in the Ganesh Bakery and in Revelation, later in the Matrimandir and finally I was taking care of the “7 Tea Shop” in Fraternity. It was the time when Auroville won the court case against the SAS, the time of the envelopes and the Pour Tous meetings near the Matrimandir, the time when nobody had a fixed house or a fixed work – the time of a smiling Karma Yoga work and a lovely plasticity in life, the time of my rebirth – then it was back to Spain in December for a paid job to earn money. I found a wife, we had four children and I was trying to build Auroville in my own Spanish home.

During one of my trips to Auroville, in 1998, Mauna and Asumpta introduced me to AVI and back home I started helping AVI Spain in their tasks. From then on I started an AVI Spain sub-centre in Catalonia and I took the responsibility of an Auroville Expo in Tortosa in 2010, two AVI International Meetings in Sant Feliu de Guixols in 2005 and in Tortosa in 2013. I was also taking responsibility for the publication of the translation of the complete Savitri epos into Catalan and for the review Auromagazine.

I usually visit Auroville once a year and I try to participate in all the AVI meetings, as far as I can.