August Timmermans

My pull to Auroville was directly inspired by the Mother during a meditation when a white light came into me and the next day I found myself telling friends that I would go to Auroville.

I was a student in Sittard, the Netherlands. I completed first my studies in Community Development, and shortly after my graduation from the Social Academy I hitchhiked to India in October 1977.


I walked straight to the Matrimandir after I arrived by bus from Pondicherry in December 1977. Within a few hours I had my first keet-hut at the Matrimandir working area, and some months later I got my second keet-hut at the Matrimandir Workers Camp. My last work with fellow Aurovilians on the Matrimandir was chipping the ceiling of the Inner Room to prepare it for its plasterwork. My second work was as a building-manager of Center School, in Center Field, and about a year later I joined the Matrimandir Nursery for 4 years where I worked as one of the co-managers. I once designed the map of all the Plumerias there. After eight years, in October 1985, I left Auroville to join the rest of the world, and today I live and work in Marseille, France. My life has been fully inspired by the Integral Yoga since I discovered it, following the inner guidance that comes with it. I regard my eight years in India as the most significant period of my life. 

Wishing Auroville a thrilling 50th Birthday in 2018!