Muna Wagner

First visit to Auroville:

In August 2001 for the Inaugration Ceremony of the German Pavillion. The heat was killing me but I fell in love with India in an instant.

First thoughts on Auroville:

Maybe here is an alternative to finishing my university education and to all the challenges living in the West brings.

Second thoughts on Auroville:

Well, it is an alternative, unfortunately I’m not cut out for it(for one thing I am a little shy around spiders).

Best Auroville experience so far:

Can’t say. I have visited Auroville with my family, I have been there on my own. I participated at the UNESCo Youth for Human Unity Conference; another time decided to come only for a brief ten-day-visit and ended up staying for nearly three months. Every time I discover a different facet of the town sometimes the experiences are joyful, sometimes a challenge, but they always make me grow.

Most impressive aspect of Auroville:

The people. I find living in Auroville, as far as I have experienced it, an incredible challenge. Yet it is still there. The town is growing and it’s due to the effort and the hard work that everybody(each in their own way and capacity) puts into it. For me it’s not so much about all the inventions, the ecology or even the education, but absolutely all about the people who try to crete a place where everybody is a true equal, a place where everybody can develop and express their individuality according to their true being, a place filled with joy, beauty and harmony, with honesty and peace, a place where the individual is valued and the community is appreciated, a place of true collaboration and brotherhood.. a place of human unity.

What’s the deal with the AVIs:

When I first head about the Ideal of Human Unity and its relation to the International Zone and Auroville I knew I wanted to get involved. I love the idea of unity in diversity, of a balance between the individual and his/her needs and the community. It is something that I carry with me wherever I travel and whatever work I do. I find nothing more challenging than trying to discover this unity every day anew and nothing more rewarding than enjoying it in the colourful scheme that is the diversity of every person in everyday life.