Jeanne Korstange

After meeting The Mother in 1971 for a birthday darshan I joined Auroville. I moved into an Aspiration hut where my husband, Gordon wa s living with two local boys from Kuyilapalayam and one boy from the lake Estate whose Bengali parents had enrolled him in the Aspiration school.

I took up work as a teacher in the kindergarten, which was located right next to our hut in Aspiration, while Gordon and the three boys walked down to Last School for his work as a teacher and their work as students. In 1980 I left Auroville and returned to the USA where I worked as an educational counsellor for women and then for elementary school students. I served as an elementary school principal in the US and abroad. While working in the US I was able to organize short-term informal educational programs for Tamil Aurovilians through The Merriam Hill Foundation and The Foundation for World Education. Through the on-going support of The Foundation for World Education my husband and I were able to start up a teacher exchange program between Antioch New England Graduate School and the Auroville Schools.

Now that both of us are retired we have the luxury of spending the winter in Auroville where we continue to be involved in education, visiting our friends and finding new projects to support in Auroville.