Theodora & Eckhard

In Ekhard’s own words, ” It has been a great previledge for Theodora who has read The Auroville Charter during the inauguration of Auroville. In 1959, both of us (Theodora and Ekhard) met the Mother. We read the Mother’s dream then and wondering if that would even be possible. Later during the inauguration of Auroville, we were here and Theodora was proposed by the Mother to read the German Charter. In Champaklal’s book, German couple ‘Ekhart and wife’ was noted. In Auroville just like the Matrimandir, Savitri Bhavan has to come up as another centre of spiritual confluence and become well known to everyone. I was much impressed on seeing the SEAS( Souls Encounter with Auroville’s Soul ) event in Matrimandir which has brought out a great Inspiration. Most beautiful Savitri. Tremendous Aspiration through that(Savitri). If Aurovilians can dive into the ocean of Savitri, growth and development will start. Mona Sarkar and Manoj the trustee has expressed the same thing ” My dear naughty boy please read Savitri”. I am trying a similar experiment in Germany ‘Inventor’s Workshop’. Getting the atmosphere of Savitri all around the world is one of my wishes.”