Julian Lines

Julian Lines spent the summer of ’72 in upstate New York with Bob and Deborah Lawlor, Marjorie Spalding, Robert McDermott, Adm. Rutledge Tompkins, Prof. Jehangir Chubb and others learning about Auroville and Integral Yoga. He has been involved in helping Auroville ever since. He currently also serves as a Executive Director of Auroville International and President of Matagiri Sri Aurobindo Center. In 2009 he was appointed to the Auroville International Advisory Council by the Government of India. He and his wife, Wendy own a retail shop called Pondicherry in Woodstock, NY which features many Auroville handicrafts. He is also part of the team dealing with daily operations of AVIUSA, focusing on the eVolve newsletter and other work related to Auroville.