Andrey Grig

Our Aurovilian brother Andrey Grigorachtchenko from Russia, passed away in the family’s house in Djaima at the age of 58. After a sudden faint, he left his body, possibly caused by a genetic ailment as also his father had passed away in such a manner. His sons were with him at the time.

Called by Auroville’s ideals, Andrey came on his own to Auroville in 1985 where he was welcomed as the first Russian and lived with Sven and the late Helena in Ekta, Auromodele. He soon returned to Russia, where he and his wife Svetlana decided to go to Germany to make some money in order to both join Auroville. They arrived here in 1997, with their two young sons, Terentij and Ivan, and were accepted as Aurovilian in December ’98.

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