Alexey Klementyev

I found out about Sri Aurobindo in 1992. I saw the book The Adventure of Consciousness in a bookshop. At that time I had read quite a lot of spiritual books and when in the bookshop I saw books and when in the bookshop I saw a new book about someone called Sri Aurobindo I decided not to buy it. I told myself that I had done enough reading; it was now time to take some action and I left that bookshop. And what happened next? A week or two later a friend of mine, when we were in the Metro, opened that same book and started reading. I remembered the cover and asked what this book was about? My friend looked at me and answered: ” it is Sri Aurobindo. It is about what needs to be done.” Something pricked me. Immediately I realised that this was an anwer to my thoughts in the bookshop! I bought the book and ever since then I can read nothing except Sri Aurobindo.


In 1998 I got a chance to go to Auroville and the Ashram. This place deeply touched my heart. I flet that it was my second motherland and my soul could feel at home there. I now go there almost every year.

It happened that in 2000 I became a part of a team working in Aditi Publishing House, which translates Sri Aurobindo’s and the Mother’s works into Russian. In 2001, when we held an AVI meeting in St. Petersburg, many Aurovilians came to Russia. It was a great event in our lives. Every year since 2003 wwe have helped to organize the All Russian Meeting to celebrate Sri Aurobindo’s birthday. many people come from different parts of our country. We have invited alok Pandey, Narad, Chandresh patel and others to participate in our meetings. An atmosphere of oneness experienced during these meetings helps us to come in touch with the ideas behind Auroville, and to deepen our understanding of them.