Jan Allen


Damien passed away in Canberra, Australia surrounded by his sons Misha, Ry and Peter.
Damien joined AV in 2009 and was a resident of Creativity. He taught at Future School, Last School and most recently TLC where he taught a sex education series along with his partner, Paula. They were on track to teach the class again in July but the cancer was so aggressive it overcame his courageous determination to live.
You may remember Damien on the roads of AV on his Royal Enfield and stylish cap. He loved to get fresh AV produce from the AV shops and was a good cook and juice maker.
Some people found Damien hard to get along with. He didn’t suffer fools gladly. He studied the I Ching, the Enneagram and first read Sri Aurobindo in 1971. He gave this advice, “Tell the Truth to yourself. Be true to yourself. Then you might have a chance to be truthful with others.”