Lyubomir Dimitrov

In 2000 I found a book about Sri Aurobindo and everything changed. Later on I learned about The Mother and Auroville. In 2005 I travelled to India with the intention to visit Auroville and the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. I have been 7 times in Auroville so far. When I am there I usually do volunteer work at the Matrimandir.

As part of my aspiration, I translated three of Sri Aurobindo’s books into Bulgarian – The Human Cycle, a combination of Thoughts and Aphorisms and Thoughts and Glimpses(with Mother’s comments) and The Synthesis of Yoga(Volume 1).

I occasionally send donations to Auroville, particularly for Matrimandir. In order to make more people aware about Sri Aurobindo and his writings, about Auroville, and eventually to support Auroville financially, I founded the Heart and Sun Foundation and started the publication of a magazine in English with two sections: section one as a comic book where the focus is not particularly on Sri Aurobindo but where some ideas from his writings are exposed; and section two containing selected quotes from Savitri: A Legend and a Symbol. I also maintain the Heart and Sun Foundation Facebook page where I daily post quotes from Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.

I stand for Auroville because I feel deeply connected with it, with its ideal and, most of all, with its founder – The Mother. I respect the aspiration of the Aurovilians, their efforts and sincerity and I want to support them.

I became AVI Liaison in 2012, firstly because of my inner connection with Auroville, secondly because my aspiration is similar to the Aspiration of AVI, and thirdly because there was no AVI representative in Bulgaria at that time.