Yves Fisselier

What brought me to Auroville was the desire to share an ideal of harmony, peace and human unity; to be part of a community of people sincerely committed to continuous progress, in which I and all of us together might become more conscious players through our goodwill towards each other.

In Auroville I am touched by the special vibration, the quality and sincerity of so many people – and the hope carried by the project. Among the Aurovilians, what touches me in most of them is their commitment.
If you ask me what triggered my own commitment to this work, it was the idea of belonging to a group, to an elective soul group around a common ideal. Also because I like the path that the Mother offers us in Her Charter: “One must be a willing servitor of the Divine Consciousness.”

Courtesy: Auroville International, the worldwide network of Auroville Friends.

Evelyne Guinouard

My love story with India began when I was 5 years old. I was admiring a picture of the Taj Mahal, and at that moment, I immediately knew I would go there one day. and that, without forcing anything, one day, all the conditions would come together and I would be able to go to India.

And that “one day” came in 1988 when I had the freedom and enough money to make my first trip to India. I chose a non-touristic trip which was organized by a yoga centre in Paris where I had been spending time. But even with its spiritual focus, the trip included a visit to the Taj Mahal as a little “wink” at that childhood flash.
More important was that half of my time was devoted to a stay in Pondicherry, as well as a visit to Auroville. This first contact with the Ashram was a decisive one, as it was then that I discovered my true spiritual path, that of the future evolution of our humanity. Since that time, I have gone back almost every year, spending more and more time in Auroville with each visit. It’s a period of both spiritual retreat and volunteering, allowing me to add my little stone to the growth of the Auroville ideal.
For the past three years, I’ve spent three months a year there, which always feels too short. In fact, so many discoveries and exchanges enrich me and carry me through the rest of the year. It’s at Auroville that I’ve met the majority of my friends. We immediately share what is closest to our hearts, certain that we understand each other deeply. The Aurovilians are my true family.
When I was asked to join AVI France, I was happy to participate, conscious of this opportunity to strengthen the link between Auroville and France. My other aim: to have the Auroville spirit live in ourselves, in our group and our nation.

Courtesy: Auroville International, the worldwide network of Auroville Friends.

Mandakini Lebrun

On August 15, 1977, I met Jyotipriya(Dr. Judith Tyberg) of the East-West Cultural Center in Los Angeles, who had received her name “The Lover of Light ” from Sri Aurobindo in 1947. She had the same effect on me as she had had on hundreds of seekers – she awakened my soul and responded to my deep need for “the adventure of consciousness”.

This led to my three years in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, and my love for Auroville, the Mother’s cherished project.
I arrived in Auroville for the first time in 1980, and I still feel a deep connection with the Aurovilians who arrived at that time too. I love the courage, determination and sincerity of Aurovilians – old timers and the newer arrivals. They inspire me! What touches me the most in Auroville in general is the spiritual force that hangs in the atmosphere above us, like a promise. My favorite work is in the Matrimandir gardens with that dedicated, hardworking, international team. I do all I can to support Auroville’s growth and its major projects so that Auroville can develop sustainably and anchor – in the earth and in our consciousness – the reality of the spiritual future that is being built.

Courtesy: Auroville International, the worldwide network of Auroville Friends.

Vibha Gosselin

It was my father’s brilliant flash of intuition, when he decided to let the Mother take care of my growing up, that brought me to auroville. That’s the external event that brought me to the Ashram in 1970 at the age of seven; and since then Mother and Sri Aurobindo and everybody else who has given them a special place in their lives have become my extended family. the first thing I remember in connection with Auroville is wanting to be fourteen as quickly as possible in order to join the night workers’ bus to work for Matrimandir! 
When I’m in Auroville, my body feels like it’s at HOME. It is like a strong, silent, regenerating force of attraction. When I’m away and specially when I’m troubled by external events, I think of Auroville and it acts like a beam of light showing me the way far ahead and I say to myself, “there is a place on earth where all humanity’s ills are being worked out with the help of the Evolutionary Spirit” and that thought gives me the courage to act right where I am, sustained by the vision of the Dream that is on the move wherever there are people to answer its call. I feel a lot of gratitude for the Aurovilians who have gathered together on that special patch of earth and continue to keep the community and the laboratory alive.
Why did I become involved with the work of AVI France? What else could I do? I never asked myself the question, actually. Auroville is so much a part of me that I naturally joined the French association when I came to France, as soon as I heard about its existence. it’s nice way for me to be part of a group connected to Auroville and all that it represents for humanity.

Courtesy: Auroville International, the worldwide network of Auroville Friends.

Francoise Muller

I heard about Auroville for the first time in the middle of the 1980’s thanks to a beautiful personal encounter. 
The years went by, my interest stayed strong and finally I was able to make the trip to uroville with my family in 2000 and agin in 2002. Since then, my regular stays in Auroville are a fact of my life. I feel that here in Auroville, something immeasurable happens, outside of any schema and preconceived idea, beyond all rationality. This incredible force and energy that circulates, opening up unexplored fields of action and being the source of all possibilities, emanates from the reconciliation of action and spirituality.
Another beautiful meeting sparked a growth in consciousness and got me involved in a project. Back in France, this involvement in Auroville International France gives me the chance to share, strengthen my link with Auroville, and strive to live Auroville where ever I am.

Courtesy: Auroville International, the worldwide network of Auroville Friends.

Francine Finck

For 23 years, I have been serving the ideal of auroville through my activities in Auroville International France. In 1978, I took time off from my work in the field of cytogenetics to travel for one year through India, and discovered Auroville.  I met at this period Aurovilians who were working with consciousness and sincerity on the development of the City and at the same time on their own inner transformation. This experience offered me the opportunity to discover Mother and Sri Aurobindo, to share on my return to France the great adventure and to have a glimpse in to this new biology of cells through Mother’s Agenda.
In Auroville, I feel empty of my past and just open to the future.

Courtesy: Auroville International, the worldwide network of Auroville Friends.

Nadia Loury

I found out about the Auroville project at the end of the Sixties through my father who was a friend of Roger Anger. i was on a quest for meaning and had done a lot of reading. Then when I read Satprem’s Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness I felt an inner “click” of resonance and knew that “my path” was through this experience: the expansion and reversal of consciousness. In my eyes, it was the only path that could make humanity evolve and transform itself, and I wanted to be part of this movement. At the same time, I was seeking a way to find concrete and collective solutions for all of us to learn to live together in a state of mind overpassing our individual interests. I held a degree in ecology and was an ecologist, and saw that the planet’s ecological problems were a reflection of our limited consciousness and its inability to go beyond our prehistoric humanity and our predatory way of living. I had read Meadows report, Limits to Growth and when I looked at political movements, none of them in my eyes asked the true questions. That’s how I became touched by he ideal of Auroville and the Charter of Auroville – so beautiful, so ambitious! and then there was the touching call of The Mother, that woman who was more than ninety yeas old and who told us i invite you to the great adventure and my heart began beating very fast!

Aurovilians are very human above all, with the limitations that we as Homo Sapiens all share. But they do know that work on consciousness is the key to inner change. This is a great strength Today, the conditions of life are much easier and more pleasant in Auroville. Nevertheless it takes courage to leave your habits and commit to this.
My wish is to bring a positive contribution, though from afar, to encourage the renewing of Auroville’s organization in order to avoid ” the fossilization syndrome”, that Auroville, in fact, could fall into. I like Satprem’s words spoken when he was leaving the forests of Guyana that he loved so much. he said that an adventurer who got too settled into the adventure risked becoming a “civil servant of the virgin forest”. he was an adventurer of consciousness. I feel it’s important for Aurovilians to be together in this adventure of consciousness and not become ” civil servants of Auroville”. Let all the young people come with their enthusiasm and today’s ideas and be accepted. many things have changed in other parts of the planet. Auroville is one very particular experience among others. It is good to link this experience with others, and to encourage Aurovilians to go around and see what exists and what is happening elsewhere.

Courtesy: Auroville International, the worldwide network of Auroville Friends.