Sungheui Jang

Auroville itself has been a disciplinary course and path for the growth of my individual consciousness ever since my first visit to it in February, 1998.

The spirit of Auroville was introduced in Korea through a book, Welcome to Auroville, a compilation of articles translated from Auroville Today by Namu, a previous Korean Liaison who had stayed in Auroville for a short time before settling back in Korea. However, noticing that many Korean visitors to Auroville still could not find concrete and experiential connections with the heart of Aurovilian devotion to Human Unity, I have made a website, and recently created a linking action, ‘Auroville-Korea project’ to make it easier for Koreans to find deeper touches and contacts with various fields and projects, on-going conscious movements for Global Oneness in Auroville, and to gradually build a bridge between Auroville and Korea for many-sided  collaboration in our endeavour to create a new consciousness on our Earth.