Gunnur & Tugay Basar

We first arrived in Auroville in January 2008. Although we were familiar with Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy, we were very much influenced by the prospect of observing a living example of Integral Yoga. During our first visit we stayed at Aspiration and we enjoyed the community life there very much.Towards the end of our stay we had a motorbike accident- it was the time when the Auroville road was first covered with tarmac – and my husband Tugay and my daughter Ada were so seriously injured that they had to stay in an intensive care unit for three days. At that time we were astonished to find some real friends around us who took care of our injured family compassionately, and some healers who visited us regularly and helped very much in our physical and psychological healing. That event, athough it seems unfortunate, strengthened our bonds with Auroville and we started visiting there every year.

In the following years we found our own ways to contribute to the community. We helped Bade and Sateesh with Thamarai after school. Tugay started a morning playing time with body percussion at Aikiyam school and sometimes we also joined in as a whole family. I tried to help some village women at Edayanchavadi with homeopathy in the context of a healing project there. I also organised an art therapy group for the AVAG workers. We benefited a lot from all the classes and on-going healing activities in Auroville, and enjoyed very much the time we spent with the OM choir, Vedic chanting, and the SWARAM musical instrument group.

We have a lot of very inspiring memories from Auroville, which have had a real influence on our lives. Our daughter Ada participated in a community school project at Evergreen and had a role in a children’s play speaking entirely in English for the first time in her life! We liked the Evergreen community very much and we stayed there for the next two years after we left Aspiration. At that time we met Vera and Ashesh and started playing Russian bells. Vera and Tugay gave some concerts together in many places in Auroville. I started integral Yoga classes with Ashesh which I followed for three years and they opened up a new dimension in my life. I visited the Ashram many times and was influenced very much by the books available there. Then I decided to translate a book into Turkish. With the help of a publisher we translated and published the book Living Within in Turkish. A year later Vera and Ashesh visited us in Istanbul and we had a lot of pleasure organizing Integral Yoga workshops with Ashesh and introducing our lovely friends to Auroville and Integral Yoga. We also organized workshops with bogi and JV; and with some other Aurovilians we organized free nights to show Auroville films at our healing centre in Istanbul. The excitement was so great that the next year, in order to continue doing what we were already doing, we decided to apply for a more formal position by becoming members of Auroville International. Our own enthusiasm was matched by the excitement of the whole group. This support meant a lot to us and we still feel we are part of the community even if this year we are not able to visit Auroville, and this makes us feel that something is really missing in our life. But we are looking forward hopefully to joining an integrative community at the door of a new age for the whole world, while at the same time we dream of creating similar communities and relationships in our own land.