Theodora & Eckhard

In Ekhard’s own words, ” It has been a great previledge for Theodora who has read The Auroville Charter during the inauguration of Auroville. In 1959, both of us (Theodora and Ekhard) met the Mother. We read the Mother’s dream then and wondering if that would even be possible. Later during the inauguration of Auroville, we were here and Theodora was proposed by the Mother to read the German Charter. In Champaklal’s book, German couple ‘Ekhart and wife’ was noted. In Auroville just like the Matrimandir, Savitri Bhavan has to come up as another centre of spiritual confluence and become well known to everyone. I was much impressed on seeing the SEAS( Souls Encounter with Auroville’s Soul ) event in Matrimandir which has brought out a great Inspiration. Most beautiful Savitri. Tremendous Aspiration through that(Savitri). If Aurovilians can dive into the ocean of Savitri, growth and development will start. Mona Sarkar and Manoj the trustee has expressed the same thing ” My dear naughty boy please read Savitri”. I am trying a similar experiment in Germany ‘Inventor’s Workshop’. Getting the atmosphere of Savitri all around the world is one of my wishes.”

Daniel Wilms

August Timmermans narrates his experience with Daniel, “Daniel Wilms was part of my special circle of friends that comprised of John Boonen, from Newlands, and Alan Klaas, from the Matrimandir Nursery.

We could enter deep conversations and share some great laughter. Daniel was the manager of the Nursery when I asked him if I could join, in 1981. Narad had left the Nursery responsibility in Daniel’s hands, and fortunately he could use an extra hand. Daniel was dedicated to his work from the perspective of yoga and put all his heart into it. Because of that, he had an excellent connection with the Tamil workers, who all liked him. What was not to like about him?, he was spirited, open-minded, had a great sense of humor, was passionate, and a true yogi, inspite of all the personal challenges in his life. It was always a joy being and working with him.

After he had left Auroville, we miraculously discovered that we had chosen the same country to work in, Thailand, where I lived in Bangkok, and he with his wife Chika and daughter Johanna in Chiang Mai. Daniel was from Germany, and died in 2003.”


our good friend and long-term sister Ursula Mack quietly left her body at the age of 91, surrounded by friends in her Samasti house after a long period of gradual and peaceful withdrawal.

Ursula, who hailed from Germany and at a later stage mainly lived and worked in Switzerland and Italy, has been visiting the Ashram and Auroville since the very early years during which she met the Mother. In Germany she was an active member of the AVI team there (for instance by hosting in 1983 the AVI meeting in her brother’s house in Laubach). Immediately after retirement Ursula came to Auroville, in 1990, where she became the much appreciated, very first professional resident physiotherapist helping Aurovilians wherever she could. She became instrumental in the building of Pitanga and Quiet healing centre, and also in her Samasti house people were welcome when in need for treatment, advice or just a chat.

Ursula’s friendly and loving nature was apparent till the end. After a second stroke, she became bedridden and quite indrawn but even while going through increasingly profound physical crises; she always managed to convey a steady, faithful and grateful disposition, evoking deep contact and love in the ones caring for her.

For years, around this time, Ursula ordered some hundred Christmas Stollen-breads baked by the Auroville Bakery as per her German recipe, which she personally delivered by taxi to her friends – now she has gone… Thank you for everything, dear Ursula, our love and prayers accompany you on the way to the Light.


It was with shock that the community received the news of the sudden passing of our good friend and sister Petra Janko, who left her body at the age of 55 in Pondy’s General Hospital in the early morning of 17 August. At the time she was with her husband, who lives in Pondy, and felt unwell after which she was taken to the hospital.

Hailing from Germany, Petra joined Auroville in 1999 and lived in Auromodele.

Most of us know her for the quiet and dependable way in which she coordinated Inside India’s Travelshop for a great many years. She had just now left the Travelshop last year, ready to further explore new and more creative activities in Auroville and in herself.